A Plum Cake Just Like The Advertisement Ones

I am not that fond of plum cake …but my daughter and husband are. But I do like these kind of small cakes that give you so much satisfaction when you prepare them: they are so easy and simple that you’re always successful!

I didn’t check yet, but I believe you can also prepare it in a big pan. I prefer these small portions, just like the ones you can buy at the market and I used to give my children to have a snack. Of course, prepared by yourself they are much better. No chemicals, no preservatives and more satisfaction.

I used silicone molds, but you can use what you have at home. I didn’t like silicone at first, now I find it just fantastic for these kind of baking, as you can take the cake from it easily without damaging the cake’s basis.

I was, one more time, inspired by Martina and another one of her great recipes. I did change some ingredients because I didn’t have them at home, but the result was what you see at the photos and my testimonial that they didn’t last for long ;-)






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