Our Personalized Brazilian Chicken Salad Recipe – Salpicão

This chicken salad recipe is one of those dishes I always eat when I go to Brazil. My daughter likes it very much and reminded me yesterday that I hadn’t prepared it for her recently.

Well, I know we cannot always satisfy all desires of our children, but this one was pretty easy – and tasty – to be satisfied :-) .

Even if I had a lot of things to prepare at home for my sister’s arrival, I could find the way to prepare it – because it is a simple recipe at the end. I cut the potatoes in thin slices using my robot; so the carrots.I then cooked the chicken breasts using my steamer and the same with frozen peas.

I put the potatoes into cold water and then dried them before frying in boiling oil and then put on absorbent paper to lose extra oil.

I cut the chicken breasts using my hands, following the meat fibers. I then added the corn, the peas and carrots. Dressed with light mayonnaise, salt and freshly grounded pepper.

I covered the bowl with plastic wrap and let it cool in the fridge for about half an hour. When we decided to eat, I prepared our plates directly (no serving plate) adding the fried potatoes on top. I like to eat it with a bit of ketchup.

chicken salad recipe chicken salad recipe chicken salad recipe


Prep time: 00:30

Cook time: 00:15

Servings: 2


300 gr of chicken breasts
2 carrots
1 cup of frozen peas
1 1/2 cup of sweet corn
2 Tbsp of light mayonnaise
2 potatoes
oil to fry

How to prepare:

Cook the chicken breasts using a steamer.
Do the same with the frozen peas.
Grate the carrots thinly.
Do the same with the potatoes and put them into cold water.
Put abundant oil into a frying pan and turn on the gas.
Take the potatoes from the water and dry them well before frying into the boiling oil.
Fry them until colored. Put on absorbent paper and salt.
Cut the chicken breasts in small pieces.
Add the carrots, peas and sweet corn.
Dress with light mayonnaise, salt and pepper.
Cover with plastic wrap and put infridge for, at least, half an hour.
Before serving, add the fried potatoes on top.

Buon appetito!


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