A Pecorino Cheese Knife By a Designer

What makes a cheese knife different from others? For first, its functionality. Immediately after we look for beauty and attractiveness. Such as my favorite Italian proverb “anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte” (the eyes want their part too).

Going beyond these two first tests, we are even more attracted to a new object, in this case a cheese knife, if it tells a story. During globalization time, we lost some local values and now we’re going back to special and specific, especially regarding objects and food.

This cheese knife is called Kasu, that sounds like Sardinian dialect to say pecorino cheese (goat cheese), the most typical cheese from Sardinia.

Sardinia is an Italian beautiful island in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, with transparent sea, unpolluted environment and…few people. Years ago, there were even less inhabitants and tourism hadn’t yet brought another source of income for local people. Many natives used to breed goats to produce cheese for their own family. Some of them emigrated to Lazio and Tuscan regions, continuing to produce pecorino cheese, that later took the name of Pecorino Romano.

cheese knife

Nowadays there are still many shepherds, being this tasty cheese one of the main typical food products of the island. It is a hard paste cheese that matches perfectly with the crispy (baked twice) Sardinian bread. The shepherds used to stay away from home and used to have this bread that lasts for long to eat with pecorino cheese.

Local people still have a piece of pecorino cheese at home. Maybe to end a dinner with friends, or to eat something when there’s no time to prepare a meal. It is also served as an antipasto at home and in most restaurants.

Kasu, this cheese knife, was designed by Stefano Carta Vasconcellos to cut pecorino the best way. Its point serves to enter the cheese, and then its blade cuts it.






Kasu is handcrafted in Sardinia (Italy) by an artisan following the traditional methods. If you are interested in knowing more about it, visit http://km0design.com .

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