Simple Recipes

simple recipes

My favorite simple recipes

If you like to simplify your life, if you prefer simple recipes with great results because you have so many other things to do and can’t spend half a day in the kitchen, you’ll enjoy my blog.

Here you have the  simple recipes I like most. I love to cook, but I like simple recipes that result in tasty and beautiful dishes without spending too much time in the kitchen.

I tested these recipes and only posted the ones I think are worthy preparing. I want you to come to my blog being sure you’re going to find a recipe you like and that you’ll cook easily.

. Simple recipes for homemade breakfast

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal. I wake up a little bit earlier just because I like to have breakfast with enough time to enjoy my meal. I love the lemon poppyseed plum cake so as banana bread and…and…

. Simple recipes for appetizers

My family has always loved appetizers. Since I was a little girl my father prepares finger food each time we meet to eat together. After many years my sister began a catering service with…appetizers.

. Simple recipes for bread, focaccia & pizza

I first began preparing sweets and desserts, then the next step was bread. I just love to prepare it so as focaccia and pizza. It’s great to see the dough that grows and become bread, good homemade bread.

. Simple recipes for desserts

As I said before my first approach in the kitchen was with desserts & sweets. I love to prepare cakes, tarts and pies. I’d cook one a day, but I have to keep an eye on the scale ;-) .

. Simple dinner recipes

I have little time for preparing dinner. Except days when I am organized enough to begin preparing something in the morning or during lunch pause, I want simple, quick and tasty recipes for dinner.

Even if I am not vegetarian, I like very much to cook vegetarian. Always simple recipes that don’t need any special expertise.

I began this blog with the idea of creating my simple recipes book. I had some recipes on a binder, a lot inside drawers and another bunch between culinary magazines.

I noticed that we have a lot of recipes, but never know which one is good, which one we can really count on when we need a recipe that simply works!

Here you find the recipes I recommend, simple recipes tested and tested and tested ;-) .

Feel free to write me for any question you may have. I’ll love to answer you :-) .

Well, I really hope you like the recipes I selected and that you can have fun in the kitchen as I do. Enjoy!

Here you have some of my favorite recipes 


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